Developed to help you manage your everyday operations, it streamlines team and project management, enables collaborative discussion, and simplifies business transactions, all in one tidy program. It supports many features, including payroll, invoicing, contracts, Kanban boards, and integrated video conferencing. It offers a workspace that empowers every employee.

With features for invoicing, texts, tasks, notes, and Zooming with team members, officio. Work will save you time managing your career and business and less hassle managing team cooperation. Ditch the hassle of working with multiple programs at a time for different functions and get all your management requirements in one place for any company, team, organization, and anyone.

Organization managers have access to ample functions within the tool, such as adding and allocating team members, tracking hours, payroll checks, sending contracts and invoices, accepting payments, etc. This platform lets you work smarter and more effectively in one place.

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  • It is a simple design with straight forward setup. There is no complex design.

Main Features of the App

The main features consists of:  
  • Invoicing solutions:
Create an estimate to share it with the client, and approve digital signature capabilities. Make and send professional invoices, with advanced features like integrating with payment gateway for automatic payments.
  • Integrate with various fund transfer sources:
 PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, PayStack, Mollie, Payfast, Authorize.net and perform manual payment approval efficiently by checking on the payment validity
  • Manage constant billing efficiently: 
You can solve this with the recurring invoice. Send it automatically daily, weekly, quarterly, biannual, or yearly.
  • Record and approve your team expenses: 
Do can do it either on an ad-hoc basis or recurring payments.
  • Project Management:
Add members and clients to your projects and keep them in sync with the project progress.
  • Task Handling:
Share essential documents relevant to the project and work. Manage every work and create sub-works
  • Analyzing:
Inspect every project team member’s time spent on every task. Also, send an invoice to the client based on the project and monitor every project expense.
  • Allocate and Share: 
Assign tasks to project members and track their status.Take part, share and collaborate efficiently.

Cost and Pricing of the App

Why Should Users Download the App?

Officio. Work is free for small teams. Since users still have a 30-day free trial to test all the functionalities, there is no risk to try. Even with free tier access, most of the essential information to manage the business can still cater to critical business needs. The foundation ideas why officio. Work is developed to cater to the primary business needs – managing transactions and projects. The best part, officio. Work is a comprehensive platform that allows users to add their employees (team members) and the client to participate and work collaboratively.

How to use the App

We have prepared a simple guide, and it can be accessed at https://guide.officio.work/

Concluding Summary

Officio. Work meets the requirements of the modern entrepreneur. It’s generously built for any business and team, or organization whether they operate at home or remotely. It has a team management facility that lets you inspect your organization anywhere and anytime; project management allows you to allocate tasks to project members, track their status and even let clients know while on the progress. Also, a cooperative discussion feature, which enables you to validate your ideas, create a discussion, and get remarks from anyone among your team.

The platform also provides options and tools for making business transactions effortless. You can manage and create estimates and invoices and send them directly to the client, as well as record expenses so you can check your cash flow better. 

There’s no need to switch around multiple programs when you can do everything with officio.work

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DID YOU KNOW – officio. Work is free for small teams. It is equipped with excellent tools for making business transactions and managing projects seamless and less hassle.

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