As our world becomes more and more digital, it is easy to lose control. If you ever wanted to get an overview of your online assets, you should keep on reading.

The most popular use case of the app is to track prices from online stores. Whenever you find a product you like, all you need to do is to highlight it, and you will get notified the moment the price drops. But this feature is not limited to prices or online shops. In fact, the app lets you track any number from any website. Users have so far been utilizing this to manage their business and to keep track of their in-game stats.

On top of that, AnyTracker lets you track cryptocurrencies, stocks, social media metrics and fitness level. The app is both versatile and powerful. Knowledge is power, and having the full history available right on your phone will help you make better, more informed decisions.

App Introduction

AnyTracker does just what the name implies – it lets you track anything. The main feature is the ability to track any number from any website. The use cases here are endless – the most popular one has so far been to track prices of various products. The app conveniently notifies you whenever the price changes, so you never miss a sale.

The app lets you track cryptocurrencies and stocks as well. Should you be a social media enthusiast, you may track Instagram impressions or YouTube subscribers. Athletes and hobby-exercisers alike will benefit from seeing how many active minutes they have spent per week, and how their step count is evolving. For those that want to track anything else, there is also an option to insert manual entries. You can for instance get a reminder every Sunday to insert your current weight.

There is simply no other app on the market that does all of these things – and does it so well. Oh, and did we mention that the app is free?

Main Features of the App

AnyTracker lets you track just about anything:

🌐 Any number from any website. For example, you may want to track the price of a certain product. With this app, all you need to do is to highlight the number, and you can start tracking.

💰 Finance. Stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies can easily be tracked. Keep an eye on all your investments.

🏅 Fitness. How many steps have you taken today? What about this week? And how many minutes have you been active? All of these questions can easily be answered once you start tracking your fitness level.

👫 Instagram followers, impressions and more. See how your page performs, with a more in-depth history than the app itself delivers.

📺 YouTube subscribers and views. It is nice to see those numbers rise! And now you can keep track of when the big changes happen.

✍️ In case you want to track something specific, you can add your own entries. Best of all, you can get notified when it is time to insert a new entry. Makes it easier than ever to track metrics like weight or calories.

Other features

📅 History. All your data is available, even offline. You can go to a specific day, or see data for a given week or month.

🔔 Notifications. Get notified as soon as a value changes, or once it has passed a certain limit.

📈 Widgets. Add a chart to your home screen (or just the most recent value, if that is what you prefer). In any case, this will help you get a quick overview, without having to open the app.

✅ Minimal design, no nonsense. No ads, no trackers, no external servers. The app is made to let you do what you want, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cost and pricing of the app

This is probably the best part. The app is completely free with no ads and no hidden costs. The founder is an avid user of the app himself, and did not want to degrade the experience by adding annoying ads or limitations. 

Why should users download the app?

The main incentive to download the app is to save money. If you want to buy something, it is usually better to wait until just the right moment when a sale occurs. But the app is way more versatile than that. Even if you are not sure what you want to track right now, it is an incredibly powerful tool to have available. Heck – tracking any number from any website might even be considered a party trick nowadays. AnyTracker is also a wonderful tool for those who want to get in better shape, and those who need an overview of their financial assets. The app is lightweight, fast and free – the perfect combination. 

How to use the app

The app has a smooth, intuitive interface. Just tap the plus icon and you will be presented with the different options for what you can track. Once you start tracking, all your items will be visible on the front page, where you can go into each one to get more information. It is also possible to add widgets to your home screen – this way you will stay up to date even without opening the app. Here is a screen recording that shows how to track the price of Microsoft’s new tablet——

Concluding summary

If you ever need to track anything, then this app is for you. It will help you save money, while keeping you more informed and up to date than ever. AnyTracker is an incredibly powerful tool – it lets you track any number from any website. The potential use cases are endless. Cryptocurrencies, stocks, social media stats and fitness metrics can also be tracked. The best part is that it is completely free, with no ads or surprising costs. Download it today and start tracking!

Did you know?

The founder has gotten a lot of feedback from surprised users that do not understand how the app can be free. His rationale is actually pretty simple: The time he has spent developing the app would have made him way more money if he had a “real” job instead. He feels lucky to be able to help others be more efficient and more informed. The end goal does not always need to be profit, he explains. As he uses the app every day himself, he does not want to be bothered by annoying ads.

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