Neo Vault is a private safe for your media files. Every file you hide in the vault is encrypted by the pin you use to lock the locker. You can unlock the App both ways, i.e., create a PIN code or register your fingerprint. Your private hidden files will never be erased from your device and cannot be accessed by anyone except you, not even us, so it is fully secured. You can securely backup or reload your files to your google drive if you wish to do so. We provide you with an-free experience and a minimalistic-beautiful UI to get you the best possible experience.

Main Features of the App

Neo Vault provides a lot of features, some of them being : 

PIN Lock : The Neo Vault App comes with a unique PIN lock feature with Military-grade AES 256 Encryption.

Fingerprint sensor for added security : Fingerprint unlock facility that can be both enabled/disabled. All the important data is stored on your phone and can only be accessed by you.

Backing up Files : Securely backup files to your google drive.

Secure Vault Gallery : Create collections inside the App with your secure vault gallery.

Reload Facility : Hide photos from the gallery, later reload to the original folder if required

User-Friendly : Share/delete or remove multiple photos and videos with a single touch only.

Ample amount of viewing options : Fully functional photo/video viewer with rotation, zooming & pan options.

Complete Ad-free viewing experience

Cost and Pricing of the App

Neo Vault offers an entirely free version right now as we are committed to users having access to the best experience possible. All our features are available and can be accessed freely. Neo vault can be directly downloaded from Google play, and you’ll have access to all features instantly.

Why should Users download this App?

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Neo Vault offers a complete private vault to save your files to where they are encrypted. Having an encrypted space on your mobile device is something everyone should do. We have meticulously designed the App to provide you with the best user-friendly experience while surfing through your private and secure gallery. We understand your needs and concerns, and thus we have taken every step to ensure that you can enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted viewing session. Have any photos/videos that you don’t want anyone to see. Just put them in Neo Vault.

How to use the App

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Concluding Summary

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Neo Vault provides access to everything a gallery should and some to keep your pictures & videos well sorted. It is like a fantastic gallery with security and encryption for all your files. Go to the play store and get the app screenplay to secure your files!!. Create new albums, rename items, rotate items to fit the screenplay GIFs & videos. You can zoom beyond pixel-to-pixel levels to fully enjoy the complete resolution of your pictures. Select multiple items: share, delete or restore them. The possibilities are endless, and the files are safe.

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