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How often have you started on a project full of enthusiasm and then slowly feel yourself losing motivation? It’s happening to everybody, and it’s natural. You’re not alone.

Usual symptoms of losing motivation include being bored with your routine, feeling stressed, not satisfied with your work, or comparing yourself with others.The main reasons for lacking purpose, setting unrealistic goals and trying to please everyone, and missing the little motivation boosts regularly. 

If you need help with your motivation throughout the day, this app will surely get you out of that slump and keep the inspiration flowing into your veins all day long.

Meet Motivation App:

Whether you’re just trying to hold onto your happy buzz or if you need help working toward all those goals you’re making, the Motivation app will help you get the job done.

Inspiration might come from surprising places — including the palm of your hand. It’s specifically designed to keep you inspired and move forward. A suitable quote at the right time can give you the perfect boost you need to get your job done!

The Motivation app contains more than 40.000 best motivational quotes worldwide for any time, occasion, or mood. The app will render positivity that will help you to recall powerful affirmations to kickstart your day. You can also cope up with sleep, anxiety and stress. The app will rewrite your brain to curb away all those negative thoughts and build self esteem.

All sections are organized into 44 categories which you can pick from based on your current situation. There is a category for you whenever you’re trying to overcome your fear, fight pain, gain confidence, build relationships, build a positive mindset, gain work-life balance, boost your personal growth, or need some support for your relationship.

This app is especially effective in helping you stay motivated during the challenging moments when it seems impossible to reach your goals. The Motivation App will generate your need for self love and care which is the best treatment to reduce anxiety and stress. You have to click your plan, read the quote that fits your current situation, and take the necessary steps towards the target. 

Main Features of the App

  • iPhone home screen widget:

The popular feature of this app is an ever-changing widget with motivational quotes that you can add to your home screen. 

  • It will give you an instant push of motivation:

Every time you open your iPhone you will be motivated to keep using it to the fullest. You can also scroll through and select various other criteria from our ample categories if the one you receive isn’t inspiring you. 

  • Ample number of Design Options:

The app features many design options, from beautiful natural photos to colors or even artistic graphical expressions. 

  • Set up your preferred theme:

You can pick from 2 sizes to fit your home screen’s layout and set up the theme to match your icon’s design

  • Glow up your homescreen:

You can be assured that it will glow up your home screen in an unprecedented way.

Additional Features:

  • Notification with a motivational boost

Besides the home screen widget, there is one more way to get your regular dose of motivation. The Motivation app supports configurable notifications that arrive right on your phone’s lock screen when you choose. Every day, you’ll receive a notification from the app attached with a motivational quote to inspire you throughout the day. 

E.g., you can set to receive a motivational notification 3x a day – every morning and then during the day to keep the flow up. This is especially important if you’re experiencing motivation downs during the day. The Motivation notifications will boost your mood and set you productive for another few hours.

  • Share Quote

You can now share your favorite quote with your friends and become a motivation hero for them! The Motivation app is effortless to send your favorite quote via a messenger or send it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. With just two clicks, you can impress your friends and family and show them that you care about their mood.

  • Set the visual theme according to your taste

The Motivation app supports dozens of themes with various background images, colors, and font styles. They’re ordered by popularity, and it’s straightforward to select the one you like. It gets automatically set to your home screen motivation widget as well.


One of the best parts of the Motivation app is that it’s free! You can start receiving motivation and set your home screen widget today at no cost at all! You have several customization options, and you can pick many free quote categories! 

If you wish to use the app to the fullest, a subscription option for only $0.99 a month gives you unlimited customization options for design and the quote categories. With the Premium subscription, you’ll never lose your motivation again for the price lower than a coffee at Starbucks. 


Finding the motivation to pursue your goals isn’t always easy, especially if you’re struggling with stress or negativity. The Motivation app could be the fix you need so you can get daily inspiration right at your fingertips. With over 40,000 quotes and affirmations in the form of beautiful widgets for your mobile phone, this is the perfect tool to keep you feeling strong. 

Get a regular motivational boost right on your lock screen with ad-hoc motivational notifications or on your home screen in a motivational widget. Keeping motivated has never been easier.

Most of the Motivation app features are for free, with the additional theming and advanced category selection costing as little as $0.99/month. Based on our research, it’s the cheapest app with this set of features on the market. 

Get an ultimate motivation boost every time you open your iPhone!

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