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Beelinguapp is an outstanding mobile application that lets people learn languages by reading and listening to stories they love. The app uses the parallel-text methodology where a learner’s linguistic communication is shown side-by-side with the target language, with a verbalizer unfolding the tale.


We take an amusement-first approach to education and believe that learning begins with engagement. Beelinguapp adds a layer of learning to your daily reading habits, whether you are a beginner or brushing abreast of a language.

Everybody has stories from classics like Snow White and Holmes to cultural guides to global cities. Measure your progress as you answer comprehension quizzes, learn advanced words, and browse more challenging stories. Join 4+ million people mastering languages side-by-side with Beelinguapp.

App Introduction

Beelinguapp is one of the foremost appreciated learning apps that helps you master languages side-by-side. Beelinguapp’s narrated parallel texts are an excellent complement to naturally improving reading and listening comprehension. Our engaging bite-sized stories, news articles, and songs are conveniently enjoyed everywhere, at any moment.

Learning languages is fun with read-along audiobooks! Learn at your momentum with this free and fun acquisition app. If you’re at home learning audiobooks, you may love Beelinguapp’s innovative method to find a replacement language.

Main Features of the App

Beelinguapp is easy to use and is fun for anyone who wants to learn a new language. The app offers excellent stories in different genres, relevant news articles, and songs in 14 languages. You can also use your local language as a guide and start learning today.

Learn a new language at your own pace by reading and listening to stories of your choice. Read the story simultaneously in your native language to reference words or phrases while learning a target language—practice vocabulary with our interactive word games. Pick up the language you want to learn and then you can sit back and just read and understand it. 

Cost and Pricing of the App

Beelinguapp is free! Download and get started today. Premium subscribers can remove ads and have access to all of our content. 

Beelinguapp Premium starts at 5.99 Euros for one month, 26.99 Euros for six months, and 39.99 Euros for one year. 

Why should Users download this App?

Language learning is made easy with Beelinguapp! Research shows that the best way to learn a language is to read something you enjoy and in context. Beelinguapp uses the neuroscience of language acquisition, the simplest way to understand and develop fluency. We unlock the brain’s natural ability to learn languages in context using the parallel-text method. 

With Beelinguapp, learners can improve reading skills and listening comprehension and enhance their vocabulary with our word games. Master languages side-by-side by reading your favorite type of story with Beelinguapp! 

How to use the App

Beelinguapp is available in both the App Store and Google Play. At sign up, you choose your reference language and target language. However, you can too change it up with any of our list of 14 languages anytime. 

Look through our library – fairy tales, classics, novels, and more. Then, follow the story with karaoke-style scrolling and learn a new language quickly. 

Beelinguapp teaches you through fun and standard text from Spanish to German to Korean and more. Regardless of your experience level, Beelinguapp has a story for you!

Concluding Summary

Learn a brand new language with Beelinguapp, which teaches you to read and speak a brand new language with bilingual audiobooks. Beelinguapp uses the parallel-text methodology to boost acquisition. Hear audiobooks narrated by native speakers, so you will not strain your eyes and improve your hearing skills. From the very beginning, learners are fully immersed in their childhood target language.

There are stories for everybody – classics like Snow White and Sherlock Holmes, cultural guides to global cities, daily news articles, and children’s books with simplified sentences and illustrations. Find your favorite audiobooks and master languages side-by-side!

Did you know?

CEO David Montiel has been learning languages his entire life. When he moved to Germany to affix eBay, he wanted to master German. Uninterested in old methods, David started reading Game of Thrones in German while taking note of the audiobook. His secret weapon was a duplicate of the book in Spanish for reference. David’s German skills improved rapidly, and therefore the idea for Beelinguapp was born.

In 2020, Eva Drago joined Montiel as a co-founder. Together, they lead a team of twenty-two employees that’s hard at work, making Beelinguapp the foremost engaging and entertaining thanks to learning a language.

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