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How many times have you not remembered about an important date? Your mother’s birthday, a project deadline. How many times would you have wished someone would remind you how little of your holidays got left so that you could have gotten the most of your time? Are you excited about the birth of your new baby?

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Sometimes we forget about important dates or don’t realize the time we live in our busy lives. What better place to refresh your mind about the things that matter? Pretty Progress helps you track the essential things of your life and reminds you about them on your iPhone’s HomeScreen. Use unlimited beautiful progress bars and countdowns that are always visible on your everyday device.

App Introduction

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Pretty Progress allows you to create a count down & count up widgets and progress bars and add them on your iPhone Home Screen.  By this, you can choose to see the progress towards one goal or a vital deadline every day and prepare for that.

What makes Pretty Progress the best choice between similar apps is the beautiful designs it provides. The designs are beautiful and highly customizable so that every user can create their unique Home Screen.

Soon, Pretty Progress is going to be available also for iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Main Features of the App

  • Time Countdowns:

Pretty Progress allows creating time countdowns and count-ups so that users can track the time. 

  • Percentage of Time Check:

It is possible to choose between counting a percentage of time that has passed, for example, 50% of the year, or how many days are left until an event—seven days left until your wedding anniversary.

  • Design Customization

Once the countdown has been created, it is possible to customize the design to create a unique countdown. 

  • Varied Themes:

It is possible to choose from five different initial themes or techniques and change specific parameters that make them unique, like changing the pattern, colors, etc. There will be more designs and options to choose from in the future.

  • Use widgets for tracking:

You can choose to keep track of all these things inside the App or add the countdowns as Widgets on your Home Screen and Today View, in any size: small, medium, or large.

Cost and Pricing of the App

Pretty Progress is free to download and use in its basic version. It includes the basic predetermined countdowns for the year, month, week, and today’s progress, and the creation of two custom countdowns with one design showing the percentage of time that has passed or the time left until the end date.

Pretty Progress includes a PRO version that unlocks certain features, like the possibility of creating more than two custom countdowns at the same time, choosing to show days that have passed instead of percentage, and unlocks all the designs and customizable options.

The price of Pretty Progress PRO is in Apple’s tier 5, which is 4.99 USD in the USA or 4.99 EUR in Europe. It is a one-time purchase that gives users access to PRO forever.

Why should Users download this App?

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Pretty Progress is a clear, beautiful, and convenient way to track and remind yourself about the essential things on the device you use every day.

By doing that, beautiful reminders are visible at many moments of the day, making it easier to remind and not forget anything important. Your wedding anniversary, taxes declaration, or your following holidays. If it is being tracked and visible, it becomes more present, and it is easier to remember or act accordingly.

By adding a custom countdown on the Home Screen, users can customize and create a unique aesthetic that identifies with them, Making your mobile phone unique and personal.

How to use the App

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Open the App and create a new countdown by tapping the “+” button. In the following screen, you can customize your countdown.

Name your progress and choose an initial and ending time.

After that, you can choose other customization options for your countdown. Like showing percentages or days that have passed, counting up or counting down, and the countdown design. Depending on the initial template selected, the design can also be customized with the options provided.

Tap the Save button, and your countdown is ready to use! You can always check your countdown on the App, but it is also possible to add it to your Home Screen.

For doing that:

  1. Go to your Home Screen, long tap on the screen, and tap the “+” button that appears on the top-left of the screen.
  2. Select the widget size you want to put.
  3. Search and select Pretty Progress.

A generic widget will appear on your Homescreen. Long tap on it to enter edit mode, and select the countdown name you want to see there. Enjoy!

Concluding Summary

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Sometimes we forget about important dates or don’t realize the time we live in our busy lives. Your mother’s birthday, a project deadline, how much time is left in your holidays… Pretty Progress helps you track the essential things of your life and reminds you about them on your iPhone’s Home Screen with beautiful and customizable countdown widgets. Customize your Home Screen with unique progress bars and countdowns, and feel inspired by your progress!

You will be able to remind yourself about the things that matter by having beautiful countdowns always visible on your everyday device. What better place to rewine your mind about the things that matter?

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