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Megaventory aims to provide medium-sized businesses with an inventory management solution that is easy to use and customizable. We cater to companies that operate in franchise networks, retail or wholesale commerce, and manufacturing among others.

An inventory management software solution is imperative to those types of businesses since it helps monitor expenses, income, and profits. It can prevent mistakes and unnecessary expenses, due to the automation of tasks and the ability to track any operation in real-time. This solution can be integrated into any part of the workflow and ensure coordination within the company.


Megaventory is a cloud-based order and inventory management software. It focuses on processes that result in stock changes, whether sales/purchases or production. At a glance, the user can see essential information about any orders and check all the inventory information. 

Megaventory ranks among the best inventory management software due to its comprehensive customer support and ease of use. The interface is easy to understand and navigate, but it can also be customized in order to fit each company’s specific needs. Our clients have unlimited access to our Knowledge Base and the support of our assistance team.

Main Features of the App

Megaventory’s primary features include stock tracking, order fulfillment, manufacturing management, invoicing, and reporting.

Users can set up purchases by filling in a purchase order form and the modules that log all the physical operations. These are traced from the moment of the creation of the Purchase Order process until the Purchase Order ends with the receiving of goods. Or, under certain conditions, it can be simply canceled.

The Sales Order module includes a sales order form (product rows with quantities and prices) and the necessary sub-modules that log all the physical operations involved from the moment of the creation of the Sales Order process until the Sales Orders ends with the sale/shipment of goods.

The software also allows the generation of production orders that are used to manufacture a finished good from a bill of materials. Megaventory’s production orders are so versatile that they can also be used by non-manufacturing businesses that need to track processes. This includes unboxing, repurposing product parts into other goods, maintaining and repairing damaged inventory, and many other tasks.

Megaventory offers detailed reports so that the users can make informed decisions regarding their stock management. They have access to reports regarding Purchases, Sales, Inventory, and Production.

Cost and Pricing of the App

Megaventory’s pricing plan starts at $150/month and it covers 5 users, 50K transactions, 20 locations, 20K products, 20K clients, 5 different integrations, and 2 hours of training from our customer support team. A 10% discount is available for clients who choose a yearly subscription. 

However, for companies that need more for their inventory management, we can create customized solutions and extend their plan with more users and transactions.

Anyone can make a trial account that gives access to all the features in Megaventory’s app. Those who prefer a more personal approach can book a free demo where they can better understand the app and test its fit for their business.

Why should Users download this App?

First of all, Megaventory doesn’t need to be downloaded – it is web-based and can be accessed with any operating system able to run a modern browser.

We made sure that our software has a user-friendly interface, that is easy to use and understand. So, among other things, we created in-app mini-tutorials along with a knowledge base where everyone can find instructions on how to use each feature.

At Megaventory we also offer stellar customer support, focused on addressing clients’ problems in the shortest time possible. We communicate in a few different ways so that users can contact us however they find most convenient. We use email or respond directly on the live chat. For complex matters, our customers can talk to our experts on the phone or by scheduling video calls.

Last but not least, our solution is very cost-effective compared with our competitors. Megaventory offers a good variety of reports and integrations, along with the possibility of customizing the app’s language, displayed features, and settings. All of these are available starting with the basic subscription of $150/month. Also, our clients don’t need to worry about unexpected costs, as the pricing is established from the beginning.

How to use the App

First of all, Megaventory is always suggesting trying the free trial period which lasts 15 days. During the free trial period, the user can evaluate the way in which the software works. In addition, Megaventory’s team will provide you helpful tips for easy use as well as a customer service experience. Megaventory’s team will stand by your side in case you need further explanations and information while solving the upcoming issues by a call or with a demo with a Megaventory expert.

Usually, the next question is “How does the software work?”. The answer is easy! Megaventory’s software automatically fills in the information it already knows such as clients, suppliers, and product fields eg when completing an order. Furthermore, the interface is easy to read and gives to the user an outline of what can be done and what steps he should follow.

Megaventory’s team has sorted out a way in which all users can find the best answer to their questions easily and quickly. This knowledge base is dedicated to addressing all of your needs. Also, by using the knowledge base you will not need to wait for a member of Megaventory’s team to answer.

Megaventory’s Videos:


In summary, Megaventory is an inventory management software that handles your business’ sales, purchases, and production as well as the stock changes. Megaventory’s software includes handling order fulfillment, manufacturing management invoicing, and reporting. If your business is searching for an inventory management solution that will provide marketing material for your sales efforts, technical support to assist you, and product training to become more familiar with the software, then Megaventory is ideal for your case! Try Megaventory’s free trial to come up with how the software works while Megaventory may assist you with a call or a screen sharing demo.

Did you know that Megaventory is ranked in the top 20 software products of 2021? Megaventory is awarded for the order management as determined by Crozdesk.

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