ClickDate may be a rising dating site that provides intelligent matching technology to hurry up meeting the proper partner. It’d take you five minutes to make a ClickDate profile, and therefore the learning algorithm identifies compatibility supported each new click and match that you get.


The ClickDate dating site has reached nine countries, including the U.S, U.K, Brazil, Mexico, and India, and it’s rapidly expanding to support modern daters seeking a true partner. ClickDate launched to convey singles more conveniently and efficiently thanks to meet date prospects.

App Introduction

ClickDate may be a dating site that keeps things simple for the user. Because of its quick signup and intuitive matching features, ClickDate has become a go-to wingman for singles seeking dates on their terms.

Creating a dating profile on the ClickDate platform takes five minutes, and therefore the matching algorithm takes the workload off the typical user. Its innovative algorithm has replaced lengthy personality questionnaires and randomized match suggestions.

Instead of asking users to explain what they need, ClickDate has executed a behavioral matchmaking system that learns what people like by inspecting what they want. This virtual matchmaker knows from every swipe and clicks on the dating site.

Instead of asking users to explain what they need, ClickDate has executed a behavioral matchmaking system that learns what people like by inspecting what they want. This virtual matchmaker knows from every swipe and clicks on the dating site.

Main Features of the App

There is a distinctive approach to the persona behind ClickDate’s matchmaking system. ClickDate has created an intuitive design where users don’t have to put their preferences into words or settings. New users can start sending likes to dating profiles and benefit from more accurate recommendations as they go. 

  • An intelligent matchmaking app: You click, analyze, and set up your best match.
  • Free access to real users: no scammers, free of use, share, and invite.
  • Making a date is fun again: Invite to date, choose a venue, fantastic date.
  • Fast and easy, yet powerful: Simple signup, quick profile filling, comfy interface.

Cost and Pricing of the App

ClickDate is currently available within the App Store at no cost. An Android version of the application is in development for a more fantastic user approach.

Why should Users download this App?

ClickDate is different because it matches singles in an accurate and meaningful way. Rather than giving customers pages of inquiries to answer upon registration, ClickDate analyzes every click to interpret matches that support people’s preferences and statistics. 

ClickDate knows what you’re trying to find in the real world by making matches-supported behavior. By combining behaviorism with AI principles, the ClickDate innovative matchmaking system learns what you’re searching for in a very relationship.

How to use the App

  • The first step is to register and choose from photos they like and the supported facial preferences. ClickDate reaches people by considering each person’s subconscious and making matches that support the heart and mind desire. 


  • The system doesn’t make matches by finding two similar and all told possible manners. ClickDate helps you find true love by finding partners with positive differences and traits that compliment you and your partner.


  • Once a match has been secured, ClickDate users can start chatting with each other and using the special features without limitation through the situation or App. There is no deadline for online conversations; however, the platform will nudge users to schedule a date for themselves after chatting with each other for a good while. The tactic is fun and interactive, and most of all, it works.

Concluding Summary

Although the positioning allows users to control fast, it’s essential to impede long enough to screen new date prospects. ClickDate verifies and identifies its members through social media, and each user is passing a manual verification and approval process. Still, it doesn’t conduct background checks, and the team recommends online daters follow safety guidelines when arranging a meetup with a replacement person.


ClickDate appeals to more mature and severe daters who are tired of endlessly swiping and want to point out their chats into genuine relationships. The bulk of its users is between 40 to 60 years old. Its membership base includes singles from Brazil, Mexico, the U.S.A, France, Portugal, the U.K, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria, and India.

By removing social hurdles and refining personalized match lists, ClickDate has drawn plenty of the strain and uncertainty from the web dating experience and ensured that singles could meet compatible dates without writing out their life history.

Did you know?

ClickDate’s deep-learning artificial intelligence system doesn’t just ask questions — it learns what your valid preferences are based on your likes, behavior, patterns, and psyche and shows you the best matches instantly. Therefore, you receive simple, fast feedback – in the form of suggested games with your today’s date – based on your clicks. As a result, with ClickDate, you have a real shot at meeting your true love face to face.

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